Leadership Intensive Retreats

27th February 2018 - 1st March 2018

Our Leadership Intensive Retreats offer you the opportunity to refresh your leadership skills, connect with other great leaders and get abreast of the latest leadership thinking.


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Grow Your Successful Coaching Business - 2 Day Workshop

2018 Dates to be added soon

Running your own coaching business has never been more attractive in many ways.  Coaching is now widely recognized as playing an enormously important role in the building and sustaining of great organizations and extraordinary workplaces.... and helping individuals to achieve their potential, fulfil their dreams and become the best they can be.  This means that more and more people are turning to coaching as an intervention and there is therefore, a real and growing demand for skilled coaches.  Many people who I know, are now looking at coaching as a profession and deciding to “go it alone” as a freelance coach and are wanting to build a successful coaching business, which is a brilliant thing.
Conversely, however as a result, the coaching profession has never been more crowded and to be successful you not only need to be a great coach, you also need to understand how to stand out in the field, develop your niche, attract the right clients and create the right business and marketing strategies.   This is often the area that those who are new to business find the most daunting.
I have been in the coaching business now for 17 years and had lots of opportunity to experience the ups and downs of keeping my business successful during that time (including during the worst recession the UK has experienced in recent times).  During this time I have worked with some of the most successful business coaches and mentors in the UK to create strategies to grow my business and create sustainable strategies for ongoing success, even during extremely difficult times.  
Its’ made a huge difference to how I operate and enabled me to triple my revenue in the last 5 years, while working less hours.  So, I KNOW these methods work.  Changing how I do things has also given me more energy and more inspiration than ever.
I want to share that learning and so I am running a 2 day workshop in central Manchester in the autumn, specifically for those either starting new coaching businesses or those who are looking to grow an emerging business, take it to the next level and make it sustainable.  
In this workshop you I will be giving you :-
*    Clear practical business strategies to help you, whether you are building from scratch or wanting to take your business to the next level;
*   Clarity on how to cut through the CLUTTER of conflicting and confusing advice on marketing (including social media) and get you FOCUSED on what works to get the kind of clients you want;
*   Tips on how to find the groups of people you are MEANT to work with;
*  Guidance on all the “techy” stuff and what systems you need to help you succeed;
*   Clear guidance on What you DON'T NEED to get new clients (stop wasting your precious time and energy on things that don't work);
*   How to develop your own products and programmes and work towards the elusive “passive income”
*   Most importantly getting past all the fears and potentially self limiting beliefs that can hold you back.  (Getting our own inner game around business sorted out is a crucial ingredient of success).
By the end of the workshop you will leave with a clear action plan to develop and grow YOUR successful coaching business.

Winning Teams Masterclass

2018 Dates to be added soon

This Masterclass is aimed at experienced leaders of senior teams.

What gets in the way of your team operating at their absolute best?  How do you get a truly high performing team?  Over the last fifteen years, we’ve helped teams to grow their performance by focusing on two key areas:


Task - Practical tips, toolkits and checklists that make light work of many aspects of team ‘life’ – CEOs and first time leaders alike have used our toolkits to great effect. (And we’ll share the most popular on this masterclass for you to take away and use with your own team);

People - The deeper work – working on the ‘challenging stuff’ around behaviour, conflict, ‘difficult people’, silo working, candid conversations and all those things that can feel more complex and often scary. (Expect to be challenged, here, as we help you see how you might be ‘getting in your own way’ and give you strategies to take action – particularly on those things that are in the ‘too difficult’ box right now)!  We also help you with clear strategies on how to maximise the potential and talent in your team and get it focused on high performance.


Team leaders at all levels need both task and people focus if they are to be effective.


We promise you’ll leave with advanced strategies you can implement straight away – no fluff or theory that doesn’t work in practice!

Here’s what you’ll get:


  • A proven tool which gives you absolute clarity on how to manage expectations in your team;
  • A really simple but powerful way to understand how to get your team from where they are to where you want them to be;
  • An understanding of 5 things that prevent team leaders from having the success they deserve ;
  • A ‘candid conversations’ toolkit to help you have those conversations you might be avoiding.


To help you get started we’ll send you, in advance of the masterclass, our free Winning Teams Questionnaire.  Complete it before the workshop – and, even better, get your team to complete it – and you’ll be able to hit the ground running with our advanced strategies.

Note: We can also run this masterclass in-house.  Contact lois@loisburton.co.uk for more details.

THE SUCCESSFUL LEADER - Claim Your Leadership Power (2 day workshop)

2018 Dates to be added soon

Would you like to attend an event where you can focus on your leadership aspirations and challenges and learn the strategies to create your success for the next 6 to 12 months?


Understanding how to create strategies for success and some of the key differences between a successful and unsuccessful leader is a vital skill for leaders today.  

We have been working with success strategies and leadership development for over 15 years and count among our clients many of the most successful leaders around.

This event is for both current and aspiring leaders, who wish to get a real handle on how to ensure they can create success for both themselves and their teams.

During the 2 days we will focus on:-

  • The successful leadership mindset;
  • The essential strategies for successful leadership;
  • Pitfalls and obstacles to successful leadership;
  • Resilience and flexibility;
  • Navigating obstacles;
  • How to get past disappointment and setbacks and come out stronger;
  • How to claim your leadership power and deliver for your followers.

The event is non residential.

The price of the event is £697.00 plus VAT per person.

 Location: Manchester City Centre

(All refreshments including lunch on both days are included in the price)

Coaching Principles and Practice (2 day workshop)

2018 Dates to be added soon

Are you managing staff and think coaching skills would help you?

Are you ready to coach (or already coaching) but need some formal training?

Want to hone your skills and ensure your practice is of the highest quality?

Want to be given the tools and principles but not ready for a full qualification?


If so, this 2 day workshop on Coaching Principles and Practice is for you.


Within this workshop you will learn how to:-


  • Deepen your understanding of the key coaching principles;
  • Develop a sound understanding of coaching models and how to use these with skill and confidence;
  • Explore the latest thinking on coaching for high performance and how to translate this into your own practice;
  • Work with inner game issues for transformational change.


We will cover:-


  • Foundational coaching principles
  • Using coaching skills as a leader and manager
  • Models of coaching, GROW, Challenging Coaching Framework and Thinking Environment
  • How to coach for high performance
  • The Inner Game, moving past self limiting beliefs, increasing confidence and breaking free of old habits.


Location: Manchester City Centre


Cost: £587.00 plus VAT

Beyond Grow (2 day workshop)

Taking Your Coaching Practice To The Next Level

2018 Dates to be added soon

Are you qualified to ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring or equivalent?

Would you like to refresh and renew your coaching skills?

Would you like to work with peers to sharpen and challenge your coaching practice?

Do you want to get abreast of the most recent and up to date thinking on Coaching Leaders to the next level?


Is the answer is yes, this two day workshop BEYOND GROW is for you.


Within this workshop you will learn how to:-


  • Deepen your understanding of the psychological models of coaching and how to become a psychologically minded coach;
  • Explore the latest thinking on creating extraordinary leadership through coaching;
  • Create strategies to develop coaching communities and coaching styles of leadership in your coaching practice;
  • Stretch and sharpen your coaching practice;
  • Share experiences, feedback and new learning with a peer group.


We will cover:-


  • Coaching for the human brain and the human heart;
  • Further insights and perspectives on coaching from Psyco Dynamics, Gestalt and Neuro-Linquistic Programming;
  • Emotional Drivers and Coaching;
  • Coaching for extraordinary leadership;
  • Developing coaching communities.


Location: Manchester City Centre


Cost: £697.00 plus VAT


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