Leadership Intensive Retreat

Next Programme: November 2018



Our Leadership Intensive Retreats offer you the opportunity to refresh your leadership skills, connect with other great leaders and get abreast of the latest leadership thinking.


"Nothing replaces time spent working with other leaders and a skilled coach on real issues"


If this resonates for you, then you are in the right place and my Leadership Intensive Retreat is for you.


On this fantastic three day event you will work with me and your group of fellow leaders to master your leadership challenges this year.  We will focus on that rare resource for leaders, time to think, space for personal development, opportunities to recharge your energy and do your strategic thinking with the help of myself and your leadership group.


We create groups with a range of different perspectives, so you can get the benefit of new insights and cross fertilisation of knowledge and ideas.  


During this three day intensive we enable you to create:


  • Inspirational and aspirational goals for yourself and your teams;
  • Strategies to beat overwhelm and actually achieve your big targets;
  • A plan to maximise your focus even in the most complex and high pressure situations;
  • Ways to deal with your self sabotaging patterns;
  • A sense of self renewal, increased confidence, energy and self belief;




With my help and that of your group you will develop your own plan, exactly tailored to your strategic goals and that of your team to enable you to achieve the results you want in the next 6 months and beyond.  You will also have time to recharge in a peaceful location and pay attention to yourself.


Here is what previous delegates have to say....

2015/2016 Programmes

"Attending the Leadership Intensive Retreat has been an amazing experience!  Lois very quickly created a safe environment, in which I felf I was able to take the time to focus and reflect on my leadership skills and capabilities. The group was small (4 of us, along with Lois) and the warmth and trust Lois promoted, meant that I felt I could really challenge myself.  I've come away with a deeper understanding of my own strengths and have a much clearer idea of the areas I'm going to focus on developing.  I also have a hugh thank you to the other participants, for their thoughts, challenge and contribution which truly made the course"


Sian Taylor, PhD, Project Manager, The University of Manchester

"Having already had the benefit of 1 : 1 coaching with Lois I was uncertain how much more the 3 day Leadership Intensive Retreat would offer however I need not have been concerned, it was an amazing 3 days!  The beautiful back drop of Grange-over-Sands and the luxury of the hotel provided the perfect setting to unwind, leave the office behind and truly reflect on my own leadership skills whilst addressing issues that were holding me back and identifying ways to overcome the barriers to personal success.  The group is deliberately small and Lois has a unique skill of drawing out contributions from everyone, becoming part of the group whilst maintaining her facilitation role with perfectly paced sessions that allow discussion time, reflection and sharing of knowledge.


Unlike leadership courses I have been on before I came back and used the information and my action plan immediately and indeed still do find myself back in that room reminding myself of what we discussed and continue to reap the benefits.  I highly recommend the retreat to anyone in a leadership role, you won't regret the time out, it's 3 days very well spent"


Sue Wood : Operations and Projects Manager, Greater Manchester CLAHRC

“I have been working with Lois for the last two years in order to develop my leadership skills through 1:1 coaching sessions.  We have talked several times about me participating in the Leadership Intensive residential but I had dismissed the idea, having been on several before that left me ambivalent at best and cringing at worst - the idea of role play left me feeling quite cold…… However, over the last few months, I did start to see the value in attending; in particular to have the opportunity to work with other leaders from different organisational backgrounds would be extremely valuable.  So, I decided to 'bite the bullet' and sign up, and I am so glad that I did.  The group was small (three other people plus Lois) which felt comfortable for sharing ideas and discussing challenges.  Lois, as usual asked some probing questions that really helped us to fully explore our ideas and learn more about how we operate as leaders. This was extremely useful.  The venue also provided an ideal backdrop to develop our thoughts and to reflect without the day to day pressures of working life - peaceful surroundings, great accommodation and limited mobile phone signal!  At the end of the residential, I left energised with a real sense of purpose and a blueprint as to how I would move my leadership skills to the next level.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the residential, I have learnt a lot and worked with some great people.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there wasn’t any role play over the three days, so that was an added bonus!” 

Lloyd Gregory PhD, Associate Research Director, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), MAHSC Research Office 


"Three days out of the office maybe considered a luxury, and we were certainly pampered and extremely well fed in a luxury hotel.  However time spent on reflection, discussion and analysing our own personal priorities and goals within a supportive group setting was certainly time well spent.  Lois always kept us to task but at the same time made the whole event enjoyable.  I certainly left feeling reinvigorated; with greater sense of clarity for the immediate future and a personal action plan to keep me on track - not forgetting the thought that if you didn't follow it through Lois would be on your case!"


Mark Dorrington, Keeper of Manuscripts & Special Collections, University of Nottingham

2014 Programme

"Thank you for the rewarding leadership course at Grange-over-Sands which I found challenging and stretching, and deeply thought-provoking.  It is the first course of this kind that I have attended that has a built in 'follow-through' mechanism.  

Anyone who has experienced one of your coaching sessions will appreciate your forensic analysis of a work issue and being guided towards finding a solution that brings with it a commitment on the part of the person being coached to do something about it.

I am very grateful to you and the other course participants who I had the great privilege of working with for such a stimulating time"


Bryan Sitch, MA, AMA, FSA, Deputy Head of Collections, Manchester Museum

"To take 3 days out of work at such a busy time really didn't feel right but I'm so glad that I did.  The team managed fine in my absence; I had time to think and take stock; and most importantly I learnt how crucial that was.  I discovered how much more effective it can be to step out of the current and assess the flow rather than constantly battling against it"


Christine Middleton, Associate Director (Collections and Access Management) Libraries, Research and Learning Resources, University of Nottingham

''The three day leadership intensive was a treat!  To have the time to stop and reflect is a real luxury.  Lois is very skilled at drawing out from the participants exactly what they want to do to change their approach and practice.

She is also really knowledgeable about what has been written on the topic of leadership so is able to make lots of constructive suggestions plus suggestions for further reading.  I was lucky to be part of a very supportive group - we worked extremely hard but also had an enjoyable time together.  All in all, 3 days incredibly well spent"


Alison Wearden, PhD, CPsychol, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Manchester, School of Psychological Sciences and Manchester Centre for Health Psychology

"When my manager suggested that I go on the Leadership Mastery Event we were part way through a significant period of strategic change and restructure.  It was an incredibly busy time so taking three days out of the diary for a course didn't immediately feel right but the objectives certainly struck a chord: wanting to create better results, increase your leadership confidence and refresh and renew your thimking.

The opportunity to get away from the day job and find some quality thinking time with Lois and a group of supportive colleagues was certainly well worth it.  There's time for lots of useful discussion whilst defining what you really want to achieve and most importantly planning how you are going to do it.

Unlike many courses I have attended I have come back to work and immediately put some of my actions into place - it's interesting, fun and it really works!"


Sue Storey, Associate Director - Customer Services Libraries, Research and Learning Resources, University of Nottingham

2012/2013 Programmes

"I really did not know what to expect and found the prospect of what seemed an unstructured development event both daunting and exciting.  Working intensively in a small group for 3 days gave me the chance to reflect and reassess my leadership goals and focus.  It was not until I did this that I realised just how reactive and scattered my thinking had become.

With the help of Lois, an excellent facilitator and coach who guided us on a journey, we coached each other on defining our goals and identifying how we could get closer to reaching then.  

This programme provided an environment in which you can relax and yet think more deeply about what is really important and how you can make a few changes to increase your effectiveness.  I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is serious about personal development and wanting to make their leadership more impactful"


Penny Aspden - Helena Housing

"The leadership retreat programme proved to be the best investment of time that I have recenly made.  Whilst providing constructive challenge, it gave me the space and time to think and review what I needed to do as a leader of a new team.  I came away with an action plan which has since been implemented and the results are starting to show.  

I can honestly say that without this programme I would not have been able to progress the team in such a positive and proactive way.  

I would recommend this programme to anyone struggling to balance the leadership role with all the day-to-day stuff, that stuff that is thrown at us. A really good investment in my opininon"


Louise Pearce - High Peak Council

"It is always difficult to take time out of our busy working lives and then when you consider taking 3 days out it seems to extreme and almost selfish!  However, I did and I was glad that I did because we do not spend enough quality time thinking about ourselves and how we work.  This is not a training course where you are lectured to and leave thinking it was good but how will I incorporate it!  The unique aspect of this retreat is that by the time you leave you will have already incorporated how you are going to go forward.  So go on, be selfish because not only will you benefit but so will your colleagues and your organisation"


Paul Mullane - Halton Housing

"I gained much more from this programme than I expected both personally and professionally"


Sandra Booth - University of Manchester