New Master Leaders Programme

22/23 - Starts 27th May 2022  



The Master Leaders Programme is for senior leaders wanting to take their leadership to the next level.

The programme is focused around a compact group of leaders from a variety of organisations working together over a period of 9 months with access to the latest leadership thinking, the opportunity to do in depth leadership and personal develpment and be supported to achieve their true potential.


This programme is unique in its approach.  We balance the power of the group and individual learning.  Every programme is tailored to the indivuduals on the programme and gives the opportunity for real growth.


What do you get?


  • 3 Inspirational Leadership Retreats
  • Bi Monthly 1-1 Coaching
  • Bi Monthly Group Coaching
  • 3 Implementation Days (ensuring you take action..)
  • 360 Assessment of your Emotional Intelligence
  • Access to a bank of virtual resources
  • Leadership accountability


There is new thinking and the most up to date work on leadership included in this programme which we believe provides even greater value for participants.


To apply for the programme please CLICK HERE and request further details and/or a discussion with Lois.


Here is what previous delegates have to say....


"Lois has got a rare talent for bringing people together and creating an environment where we can reveal so much more of ourselves and therefore develop so much more and for that this programme has been unique for me.  I have made enormous strides in my leadership performance and confidence and during a very challenging year, have consistantly over achieved on my targets largely due to the learning I have had on the programme.  Thank you so much"


Caroline Williams, Director of Libraries, Research and Learning Resources, The University of Nottingham

"This was an increadibly powerful process that went far deeper than I ever imagined it would and I benefitted so much not only from Lois's increadible coaching and support and facilitation but also the insights from the group and the atmosphere that was created which was so supportive yet highly challenging"


Kate Farmery, Deputy director, Manchester City Galleries

"I think when I started I was ready to make a change but I am not sure that I would have made the change without the programme, which provided me with the support and the springboard that I needed so it's been transformational for me and I am immensely grateful for that and for the support in my new and much bigger leadership role"


Maxine Melling, Pro Vice Chancellor (Operations) University of Gloucester

"I had recently been appointed to a new role and was both excited and apprehensive about the stretch this would demand of me.  The support I have received has been increadible and I particularily valued the residentials.  I also want to say that the 1-1 coaching with Lois is so important.  She never let me off the hook and consistantly keeps me up to the mark.  Whenever we work together I feel clearer and more confident instantly"


Rebecca Wagstaff, Deputy Director for Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England, North West

"I feel that I have developed significantly over the last 12 months mainly through Lois's inspirational leadership and facilitation but also because of what I see as a unique balance between content, coaching, input, implementation and the brilliant retreats.  The elements of this programme are quite unique and extremely powerful"


Russell Ashworth, Director of Faculty Operations, Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester