About Lois Burton

Lois is an innovative and progressive Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant whose career over the last 22 years has included work with many of the most complex issues for individuals and organisations.


Since entering consultancy full time in 2000, Lois has built her own successful organisatinal development and coaching business and gained a powerful reputation as one of the most successful coaches in the North West of England.


Much of her work in recent years has focused around the changes and challenges facing leaders and top teams in today's high pressure organisations. Lois works cross sector with both public, voluntary and private sector organisations and is passionate about building authentic resilient leaders who can overcome personal challenges and improve their businesses.


She specialises in helping individuals, teams and organisations with transformational change.


6 years ago, Lois published her first book with co-author Deborah Dalley: Developing Your Influencing Skills, A Guide To The 7 Traits Of Influential People which reached the No 1 rating for influencing on Amazon in December 2010 and has stayed consistantly in the top 3 since them.  This has been followed with a training pack on the Steps to Influencing. She is also the co-author with fellow team coach Lynn Scott of the Transformational Teams Model and Diagnostic Questionnaire.  


In 2014 I published my new book for Amazon Kindle 'Transform Your Life in 90 Days' which was developed from a 90 day personal development programme that I had delivered over the 2 previous years.  You can find these resources in our shop.


Coaching Credentials:


Lois trained as a coach with Peter Bluckert Coaching (Former Chair of the European Council of Coaching and Mentoring) and has worked with Sir John Whitmore of Performance Consultants International and founder of the GROW Model. She has been coaching for over 22 years and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.


As a coach Lois excels in the following:


  • A unique ability to develop leaders strengths, talent and full potential;
  • A capacity to balance challenge and support and stretch her coachees to their next level;
  • Exeptional at helping people to overcome resistance and create true transformational change;
  • A gift for bringing out confidence in others.


Leadership Consultancy Credentials:


Lois is an accredited consultant and coach in Emotional Intelligence with Hay Group Worldwide and is trained to level 2 in the use of the Corporate Transformational Tools for Building Values Based Organisations with Barrett Values Centre.


Lois Burton Ltd has been an ILM Centre since 2000 and delivers Leadership and Coaching qualifications to Level 7 on both an open and in house basis.