Fast Track Service for Corporate Leaders

Leadership VIP Day

"Give me one day and ensure your successful results for the next 6 months" Lois Burton


Our bespoke package for leaders who want an intensive 1 - 1 coaching experience which delivers incredible results.


We know that for many leaders time is the most precious resource and you are not able to wait months to see results.


You have challenges that need addressing right here and now and you need fast results.


If this is the case our Leadership VIP Makeover Service is for you.


You will spend 1 day with Lois focusing on your personal challenges and aspirations and at the end of that day you will have:-


  • Tackled your most pressing challenges;
  • Explored and handled obstacles that may be holding you back;
  • Developed clear strategies for achieveing your personal and organisational goals over the next 3 months;
  • Produced a focused plan to deliver immediate results.


This programme is intensive and it delivers results!