The Art of Influencing

Learn the 7 traits of influential people and 6 steps to change the way you influence others.


What makes people influential?





Change your skills and attitude to get the results you desire. 
An easy to understand approach to becoming more influential.


This book is about developing a set of beliefs and behaviors that make you a more influential force.

We have identified 7 traits that influential people share and, the good news is, you can learn them too.

We have also looked at how to build and structure a really effective case to influence

and created a step by step guide for you to follow when you want to be a successful influencer.

In this book you will discover how to:-

  • Decide what your influencing goals are and state them in a compelling way
  • Find ways to increase your credibility with others
  • Avoid manipulative practice and become more authentic
  • Develop stronger and more trusting relationships
  • Inspire others to follow your lead
  • Become a more influential communicator
  • Develop your skill in building a successful case for influencing


This book is packed with case studies, exercises and practical tips

to help you to develop the traits required to become a more influential person.


Quotes about the Art of Influencing


“Interesting, readable and practical – 
everything I want from this type of book.”

“A brand new take on influencing.”

“Thought provoking and extremely helpful.”

“This book was a revelation.”


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****Please note the testimonial below on "Developing Your Influencing Skills" This book has now become part of "The Art of Influencing"****

Testimonial From Volvo Trucks Academy - USA


"Developing Your Influencing Skills has been a part of our Advanced Warranty class for several years.  During our course development we were struggling with how to approach the topic of providing our warranty administrators confidence with their interpersonal skills on the job.  These employees interact, and depend on, many different job roles for accurate and detailed information. Yet they generally do not have any direct authority.  


The 7 traits described in detail the soft skills necessary to emulate in order to gain positive outcomes with co-workers.  The book is an easy read.  So much so that we provide a copy of the book and then it becomes required reading as homework between day one and two of our class.  It is a conversation starter that takes me as the facilitator directly to the heart of our class objective"


"This book is an amazing resource and both Lois and Deborah deserve credit for the simple, yet powerful way they present the material"


Mary Ruth Bell, Manager, Service Aftermarket Training, Volvo Trucks/Mack Trucks, USA

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