Ultimate Team Coaching Solution

If you’re an experienced coach, facilitator or consultant who works with leadership teams (or wants to!) you may be interested in the Leadership Team Coaching programme we are running later this year.


It covers EVERYTHING from the ‘business end’ to the advanced coaching skills you need to work with complex and often challenging teams.


This is a growing area of coaching and you need a robust process, advanced coaching skills and psychological mindedness to work with teams who are often going through organisational change or who are stuck in some way. This programme gives you all these things and more.

Leadership Team Coach Training Programme


  • Would you love to coach leadership teams but not quite sure HOW or WHERE to start?
  • Do you want to earn more by coaching leadership teams or add more value to your organisation if you are an internal coach?
  • Are you a little unsure of the whole leadership team coaching process (there is one!) from start to finish? (miss out any of the pieces of the jigsaw and you won't be as effective as you could be)
  • Do you want a framework and lots of practicle ideas for making leadership team coaching part of your offering to clients?
  • Are you struggling with how to sell or market yourself as a leadership team coach either externally or inside your organisation?
  • Are you a little worried about working with challenging leadership teams and wondering how you will manage yourself, manage them and manage the process?
  • Do you want to hone your working skills with leadership teams courageously and with integrity?
  • Do you love the idea of a blended learning approach to team coaching?  A mixture of live, virtual masterclasses and focus calls (all recorded) that you can access from wherever you happen to be.
  • Do you want to consolidate all of the above in a challenging and experiential 3 day workshop to help you hone and stretch your team coaching skills?


If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions and you're an experienced coach, then this programme is for you.




Here is what previous participant had to say......

Lucy Funnell - 2014 Programme


David Fillingham - 2014 Programme


Andy Gannon - 2014 Programme

"As an experienced Executive Coach of some 8 years plus, including some group work, I approached the Team Coaching course with an expectation of learning facilitation techniques but discovered a truly new dimension to my coaching competence supported by highly effective and coherent tool-set.  

I unreservedly recommend the course and infact have already done that to a number on my contacts"

Helen Hambleton  - 2014 Programme

"The UTCS programme was a really good way to develop professionally as a coach and facilitator, to understand those teams that you can go much further with, and some of the coaching approaches that can be used,  I've already built new business on the back of my leaning, with outstanding client results, and I'm ready to do more.  

The programme was well placed, professionally delivered and very personalised in approach.  

Highly recommended!"


Managing Director, People Untapped

Ian Jenner - 2014 Programme

"The UTCS programme has been/is continuing to provoke a very rich source of personal development for me and in time those people that I work with.  What has been most surprising is making the learning accessible and challenging at the same time.  The course has provided me with the opportunity to integrate my previous knowledge and experience.  Most importantly I believe that I can apply this learning for the benefit of the people that I work with.


Lois and Lynn are authentic role models that provide both challenge and support; easy said than done.  They both have a very rich range of experience and expertise which they both share with humanity and in so doing access the gifts and talents of others.  I do believe that as a result of their programme I am in a better place to work with groups and to coach teams.


I am clearer about how I would approach groups or teams for team development or team coaching.  The diagnostic and methodology is grounded and practical.  It's power is in it's "simplicity".  I would certainly recommend their programme to people who are looking to develop their individual coaching practice to start their journey to become a coach who can work with groups and terams"


Group Head of Learning and Development, McBride plc.

Executive Coach and Trainer - 2014 Programme

"Lynn and Lois are masterful at the team coaching process and the Ultimate Team Coaching programme lives and breathes both their practical knowledge and wisdom about the field.


The course also reflects their generosity of spirit and commitment towards anyone who learns with them.  They have created a most worthwhile learning experience"

Sue Featherstone - 2013 Programme

"As an experienced coach I attended the course to gain an understanding of the team coaching process but got much more.  A really practicle course where the tutors role model team coaching skills throughout and as a consequence really stretched and challenged my own coaching skills.  More courses should be like this"


Independant Coach, Developing Success Ltd