ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring 2018/19

This qualification is designed for senior managers or HR/OD professionals who want to develop their expertise and credibility in the fields of coaching and mentoring, or to establish coaching on an organisational level. It's also for professional coaches and mentors seeking to enhance and accredit their experience with a nationally recognised qualification.


Results for you


  • Build the context, strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior level;
  • Understand and analyse different coaching and mentoring models and their impact at executive level;
  • Make a real difference to leadership performance in your organisation;
  • Build your emotional intelligence, capacity to deal with inner game issues and make psychological interventions in your coaching practice;
  • Plan, deliver and review coaching and mentoring with clients at senior and strategic level.


Impact on your organisation


  • Implement coaching in complex working environments or at senior and strategic level in your organisation;
  • Ensure that your organisation's coaches and mentors are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need;
  • Benchmark your organisation's approach against the latest best practice;
  • Measurable impact on leadership performance in the organisation.
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See what our previous delegates have had to day about the programme...

“I have been working with Lois Burton over recent months as I progress towards completion of my ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching.

Over this period I have appreciated the guidance, support and encouragement that Lois has provided.

My self-awareness and impact on others has increased significantly and to a large extent this is due to the safe environment that Lois has created that has allowed me to try out different approaches.

I have really benefitted from meeting up with Lois and other course participants.  We have learnt together, practiced together and have benefitted from sharing experiences”


Peter Sykes, Staff Training Advisor – Projects, Staff Learning and Development Centre, The University of Manchester.

“I was very careful in choosing an ILM7 provider that would be able to provide a high level of skill as a trainer, as an executive coach themselves, and a provider who would be able to provide a high level of support and a high level of challenge so that I could really stretch myself and develop my own skills much further. I had seen Lois at work a few years previously and was very impressed by her approach. I am nearly at the end of the ILM7 programme and cannot recommend Lois enough as a trainer and people developer. She brings an unusually high level of self awareness and presence into her work and at every step of the journey over the last year has supported my development and has lived the coaching philosophy of believing in my future potential and stretching and developing me in ways I could not have imagined at the start of the programme. The additional trainers she has brought into the programme have also added real value and skill, as well as different perspectives and styles which have helped me to grow into my own style. I feel really ready to become an executive coach and stand on my own feet and I am deeply grateful to Lois and her team for all the support, encouragement and challenge I have received over the past year, thank you so very much”


Dr Fiona Day, Former Associate Medical Director, Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group 

“I started training for this qualification in May 2015 on the programme run by Lois Burton. Coaching is a key aspect of my role ad Researcher Development manager in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester. The faculty is committed to developing our researchers as the potential intellectual leaders of the future and so it is crucial that we build capacity within the faculty to coach at this level.

I have found the course transformative in many ways. Perhaps most importantly it has greatly increased my confidence as a coach by encouraging participants to engage in actual coaching practice and experiment with their coaching practice by trying things out in a safe environment.  The course introduced participants to a wide range of coaching theory and provided the opportunity to engage with a number of different professional coaches who provided real examples of different coaching approaches. As a trainer, Lois is particularly inspiring and her feedback and demonstrations have raised my expectations of how powerful an intervention coaching can be, encouraging me to take my own coaching practice to another level.  I am excited about putting the skills I have developed into practice in the future.

One aspect of the course that has been particularly valuable is the way that the assessment is focused upon ongoing reflections on practice rather than a heavy burden of written assignments. This makes the course more manageable alongside the demands of a busy work schedule and makes for a greater depth of learning by doing and reflecting”


Dr Ian Fairweather, Researcher Development Manager, Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester 

“The ILM7 programme has been everything I hoped for and so much more. With a focus on practical learning it has developed my self-awareness, encouraged me to think differently and enabled me to take my coaching to the next level. Lois is genuinely committed to your personal development and helping you to be the best you can be – she has challenged, supported and inspired me throughout. I never expected the level of impact the ILM7 programme has had on me – not just as a coach, but as an individual. Highly recommended”


Alison Monkhouse, Learning & Organisational Development, Kirklees Council

"I cannot recommend the ILM Level 7 program highly enough.  I entered into the course hoping to refine my skills and to take my coaching to the next level.  What I found was that the course deepened my self awareness and abilities as both a coach and as an organisational leader; it provided me with personal resilience and strength as I embarked on one of the most professionally challenging periods of my own career.  Level 7 takes you further in tackling the inner game and those internal barriers we all face as we tackle challenges in our work and lives.  Together we went beyond the GROW model, to look at how additional psychological models and tools can strengthen our skills. The course content and discussions were challenging and fascinating, with highly expert tutors leading each session, and I particularly learned a significant amount from the other attendees.  All of us were incredibly busy people. The course gave each of us valuable thinking space as we worked together as both coaches and coachees.  It was through some of the action-learning coaching sessions that I gained some invaluable insight into my own professional ambitions and values. We became very bonded as a group, and I look forward to continuing many of the relationships I made there"


Dr Joy Palmer, Head of Business Development, Digital Resources, The University of Manchester

"The ILM 7 has been an excellent, though provoking programme, delivered by 2 excellent and experienced Executive coaches. Through interactive sessions, master classes and coaching practise and supervision, my coaching expertise has developed beyond my expectations. I have been able to not only develop my questioning skills, but learnt a great deal about the inner game and mindfulness, as well as using observations and feedback during coaching. All of these techniques have created some great coaching sessions to enable others to really develop. I would highly recommend this programme for anyone who really wants to extend their coaching ability"


Ceri Travers, Executive Coach

"The ILM7 in Executive Coaching in Mentoring was ideal for me, as it helped be develop skills and awareness that are useful in my day-to-day leadership challenges. The sessions were extremely interesting, and included a good mixture of seminar type presentations and discussions, and practice in coaching. Apart from that, we had to do the real thing and develop ourselves as coaches, working with people with their real issues, challenges, dilemmas and aspirations. One of the most rewarding features was that the ILM7 brought together a group of people with different jobs and leadership challenges. We all wanted to make a difference in our organisations and for those who we worked with as coaches, and the learning and support of the group was fantastic. This course is definitely one to think about for anyone who is wanting to take their leadership to the next level, whether or not they intend to go into coaching"


Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology, Manchester Museum