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Apologies, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the link which allows you to down the above report.  We are working hard to fix the problem.  In the meantime if you would like a copy of the report please email Lois at loisburton@me.com.  Thank you for your understanding.  Warmest regards, Lois 

Make 2014 YOUR Year - You Deserve It


The BootCamp Coach - The 'Tough Love' approach to coaching

If you need consultancy or coaching we can help you!!

Lois Burton Ltd is one of the premier coaching and consultancy companies in the North West of England. We are based in Manchester and work regionally, nationally and internationally with a wide range of clients across all sectors.

Over 15 years we have built a reputation for helping our clients create real transformations in their businesses and their lives. We work with:

  • Leaders who want to achieve increased success and break through their challenges
  • Individuals who want to create real transformation in their personal and professional lives
  • Teams who want to move from good to GREAT.

Our products and processes are highly effective and relevant to todays challenges. Our progressive approach is suitable for all sectors. If you want results Lois Burton Ltd delivers.

Lois Burton

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